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Therapist And The Mistress

Connect Deck - Couples Card Game

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They say laughter is the best medicine, and therapist and the mistress is just the prescription your relationship is in need of.

The cards have been thoughtfully curated by relationship specialists to bring you and your partner closer.

Your perfect date night begins once you open the box and begin pulling cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Effie S.
11/10 stars!

Say goodbye to all those cheesy card games with the same ole lame lines and questions, and hello to a vibrant spin on a fantastic game not just for couples, but almost anyone looking to have some fun! Go ahead a pick up a deck, it’s worth the check!!


I had the best night playing this with my boyfriend. We laughed until we cried

Chelsea Pereira
This card game turned an ordinary night at home into an unforgettable experience

We laughed so hard and felt more connected than ever. We only made it through half of the deck before it was time to switch to the bedroom. Haha! I can’t wait to finish the deck and play this again. Next time we plan to make this a double date activity! Thank you The Therapist & The Mistress! 🤍💜

Definitely a good time!

Therapist and the mistress was an interesting find. You sit down expecting one thing and get so much more. A real adventure in knowing me and learning you! Playing with your partner is great but if you really want to take a ride on the wilder side add another couple in the mix and make it a double date night!

I got these as a surprise for my girlfriend

I'm not sure who enjoyed this game more. I was pleasantly surprised by the questions and how fun it was.