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Therapist And The Mistress

Connect Deck - Couples Card Game

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Kiss boring conversations like “how’s the weather” or “what’s your favorite color” goodbye!

The Connect Deck is here to ignite fun conversations for you and your date!

The cards have been thoughtfully curated by relationship specialists to bring you and your partner closer.

Your perfect date night begins once you open the box and begin pulling cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fun/very compelling

Super fun, entertaining, and exciting i definitely recommend. A must buy 🙌👍

Spit my drink out from laughing

This game was so fun and helped us connect on a level I didn't know was possible. The cards prompt you for deeper convos

Funnest card game i’ve ever played

Therapist and the mistress by far was the most amusing card game my bf and I played together. It was really fun and exciting. The questions are unique and fun to answer! Def recommend purchasing.

Houtan Yaghmai
Interesting game with the right opponent

This game is the definite ice breaker for a new date or to find out more about your significant other. The latter could result in divorce but, hey, it's still a good time.

Effie S.
11/10 stars!

Say goodbye to all those cheesy card games with the same ole lame lines and questions, and hello to a vibrant spin on a fantastic game not just for couples, but almost anyone looking to have some fun! Go ahead a pick up a deck, it’s worth the check!!